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Quiz Show S1 E9: game designer Emerson Matsuuchi

Emerson Matsuuchi has designed more than a few board games (to name a few: Specter Ops, Reef, and the Century trilogy -- which technically count as as seven games since you can combine them in different ways).

But how well does he know other desingers' games? One of the nicest guys in the biz sits down on The Going Analog Quiz Show hot seat and attempts to jump to the top of the Season 1 leaderboard! Watch how well he does:

(By the way, our host Christina mistakenly stated that Emerson lives in Queens, NY and designed an entire set of questions around "Queens." Umm...he doesn't live in Queens. We didn't realize our screw-up until after we shot everything, and...well, it's way too late now. Sorry, Emerson!)

Each guest can score up to 20 points through three rounds (multiple choice round, picture round, and speed round). Can anyone get a perfect 20 out of 20?

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