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The Board Game Quiz Show: Season 1 roundup

Here's a quick look at the winners and...um...losers of the first season of our board game trivia show.

As we get ready to launch Season 2 of The Board Game Quiz Show (formally known as the Going Analog Quiz Show), we wanted to take one more opportunity to flatter or embarrass (mainly embarrass) our Season 1 guests.

Ten episodes, 10 guests from all corners of the board game industry...here's the final scoreboard:

  1. Ruel Gaviola, Tabletop Tonight (15 points)
  2. Eric Slauson, Slauson Designs (14 points)
  3. Emerson Matsuuchi, Nazca Games (14 points)
  4. Lizzy Funkhouser, Board Game Spotlight (12 points)
  5. Pat Marino, The Op (11 points)
  6. Paula Deming, Things Get Dicey (11 points)
  7. James Hudson, Skybound Games (10 points)
  8. Scott Alden, BoardGameGeek (7 points)
  9. Grant Lyon, Grant's Game Recs (6 points)
  10. Sarah Shah, Board Games in a Minute (5 points)

Thanks to the crew above for being such good sports (especially James Hudson for being our guinea-pig first guest, when we didn't quite have all our timing down yet).

Catch up on all Season 1 episodes below!