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The Board Game Quiz Show - S2 E6: Alex Radcliffe from BoardGameCo

Content creator Alex Radcliffe covers a lot of games on BoardGameCo on YouTube, so he should know his stuff...right? Let's find out in the latest episode of The Board Game Quiz Show.

Note:We reference Cthulhu Wars a couple of times in this episode and have it prominently on display in the background. This isn't promotional in nature -- we were just fans of the game. But recently, its designer made some transphobic comments on social media (since taken down), which we strongly condemn. Unfortunately, those posts came out after we shot this episode in early July. We want to make clear that Cthulhu Wars's presence in this video is not an endorsement of that designer or his views. Trans rights are human rights.

Each guest can score up to 20 points through three rounds (multiple choice round, picture round, and speed round). Did Alex get a perfect 20 out of 20?

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