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Quiz Show S1 E1: James Hudson of Druid City Games

It's the premiere episode of The Going Analog Quiz Show!

We've been writing, and we've been podcasting. But it's been a while since we've been in front of a camera. (Remember our old "Board Games vs. Video Games" series?)

Global pandemic be damned...we want to do some new video content! Introducing: The Going Analog Quiz Show.

Every two weeks, we invite someone from the board game industry (a designer, publisher, or a content creator) to participate in some trivia over the Zoom-Zooms. Our guests can earn up to 20 points: five from multiple choice, five from the picture round, and 10 from the speed round. If they do well, they'll shoot up our leaderboards -- good for bragging rights and trash talking. If they don't do so hot, well, that's still good for bragging rights and trash talking -- by others.

Here's our premiere episode with our first victim, James Hudson, former Senior Director of Tabletop Games at Skybound and now back running his own company Druid City Games (Wonderland's War, Tidal Blades). Poor guy had to help us work out the kinks on this show, so don't give him too hard a time for that score, alright?

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