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Podcast #102: American Tabletop Awards, gaming at bars, culling (guest: What's Eric Playing?)

We kick off a new episode with Eric Yurko of What's Eric Playing? He's reviewed over 1,000 games, so he kinda knows what he's talking about....

This episode guest stars prolific and punny content creator Eric Yurko from What's Eric Playing?, a site full of fantastic board game photography and 1000+ (!) reviews. And as a founding committee member of the American Tabletop Awards (and a big fan of cocktails) Eric is THE go-to guy to talk games...especially which ones to play at which drinking establishments.


  • 5:45 - Eric's game pick: Mists over Carcassonne.
  • 11:39 - Shoe's game pick: Orichalcum.
  • 18:00 - Christina's game pick: Great Western Trail: Argentina.
  • 23:25 - Shoe's topic: Which American Tabletop Award winner would you keep?
  • 36:40 - Christina's topic: Which games would you bring to a beer hall, vineyard, and cocktail bar?
  • 56:45 - Eric's topic: What's our process for culling games?

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