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Podcast #121: Euros Special, pt. 1! The best new (and old) remakes/sequels (guest: The Game Table)

2023 is turning out to be the year of the tasty Euro. In part one of our two-part special, we discuss some of the great remakes and sequels with Daniel of The Game Table!

Euros, Euros, and gyros! We love a good Euro-style strategy game, but we couldn't cover all the great releases this year in just one podcast. Especially when we're chatting with fellow enthusiast Daniel Wahlen of The Game Table -- we just have so much to talk about! So in part one, we cover some fantastic remakes and sequels to some legendary classics. Don't forget to check out part two as well!

(And yes, we did pause during one of our Euro gaming days to eat some gyros....)


  • 3:12 - Age of Innovation.
  • 18:13 - Bruxelles 1893: Belle Époque.
  • 33:19 - Zhanguo: The First Empire.
  • 43:22 - Other fantastic remakes/sequels! (Great Western Trails, Stefan Feld City Collection, Ultimate Railroads, The Castles of Burgundy...)

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