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The new Going Analog Podcast!

We're excited to announce that our new podcast is live and ready for your ears.

In the Going Analog Podcast, four gamers come together every two weeks, each bringing a topic of his or her choice. It could literally be about anything in the tabletop world: something old, something new, something weird something cool.... The four take turns presenting their topics then discussing them as a group, leading to new and different conversations from show to show.

In episode #1, Shoe announces his top games of Gen Con 2018; Christina brings everyone back to reality by talking about the dark side of convention and gamer culture; Mike discusses the new Choose Your Own Adventure game (based on the books!); and Nick gushes over Oink, the Japanese publisher of beautiful, minimalist games. ​

Come listen! (Or watch and listen if you'd prefer some visuals with your podcast.) And if you like what you hear, we'd really appreciate your subscriptions, shares, thumbing, and comments. Thanks for the support!

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