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Podcast #76: Video games going analog, turning theme into gameplay (guests: Level 99 Games)

Joshua Van Laningham and Ferdinand Capitulo join Going Analog to discuss the upcoming Bullet Star, how Level 99 Games translates video games into tabletop, and symbiotically integrated game design (Wha? Listen to find out!)

Yes, our show is called Going Analog, so you know we love our video games -- but how do board games bring in the video game vibe that we love into a tabletop medium?

Luckily, we found the perfect guests to ask: Level 99 Games, the publisher of video-game-inspired fare such as the recent Bullet series, the BattleCON system, and Exceed! Joshua Van Laningham, Production and Design Lead at Level 99, and Ferdinand Capitulo, head of media at Level 99 and the Cardboard Stacker himself, join us to discuss which aspects we've seen in board games and how they designed the "feel" of certain video game genres into their lineup.

Plus, how is theme symbiotically integrated into certain game designs, and when does it pay to abstractify certain thematic steps, and when does it not?

Our topics this episode:

  • Christina (host): What are some other games that have given us the "video game" vibe? (7:40)
  • Ferdinand (guest): What are some great examples of crafting mechanisms we've seen in games? (24:58)
  • Josh (guest):  Abstraction in board games (36:13)

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Games mentioned in this episode:


  • Millennium Blades
  • BattleCON
  • Bullet♥︎
  • Bullet★
  • Sheep 'n' Sheep
  • Yokohama
  • Goat 'n' Goat
  • Tindahan (Filipino Fruit Market)
  • Telestrations: Upside Drawn

Christina's topic: Tabletop games that give us video game vibes

  • Bullet♥︎
  • Bullet★
  • The Battle at Kemble's Cascade
  • Danmaku!!
  • Unfair
  • Funfair
  • Meeple Land
  • Sleeping Gods
  • BattleCON
  • Exceed
  • Universal Fighting System

Ferdinand's topic: Symbiotically integrated game design

  • Sushi Go!
  • Wingspan
  • Sagrada
  • Machi Koro: Legacy
  • Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein

Josh's topic: Abstraction in board games

  • Lawyer Up
  • Fast & Furious: Highway Heist
  • Bullet♥︎
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights
  • Sleeping Gods
  • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • Beyond the Sun
  • Eclipse
  • The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine
  • The Crew: Mission Deep Sea