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Where video game industry veterans introduce great board games to video gamers

Podcast #104: Hot games...of all sizes!

No guests -- just Shoe and Christina talking games!

Sometimes substantive board game discussion topics are tiring. And pretty much all the time, we play a lot of new games. So this episode, Shoe and Christina just talk about some new, sexy games in a variety of sizes. HOT!


  • 3:19 - Christina's big game: Mosaic: A Story of Civilization.
  • 13:05 - Shoe's big game: Marvel: Age of Heroes.
  • 26:58 - Christina's small game: Fiction.
  • 35:18 - Shoe's small game: Marvel: Damage Control.
  • 43:05 - Christina's expansion: QE: Commodities.
  • 48:00 - Shoe's expansion: Unmatched: Houdini vs. The Genie.

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