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Podcast #107: The 2023 American Tabletop Awards (guests: Eric Yurko, Nicole Brady)

We dive into the ATTA's winners and runners-up!

The 2023 American Tabletop Awards were just announced, and as brand-spanking-new committee members, we at Going Analog of course wanted to chat about these elite games -- with two of the judges themselves, Nicole Brady of SAHM Reviews and Eric Yurko of What's Eric Playing? Did you agree with the winners and nominees? Listen to hear our thoughts.


  • 2:45 - ATTA nomination process.
  • 10:15 - Early Gamers.
  • 17:40 - Casual Games.
  • 32:18 - Strategy Games.
  • 47:02 - Complex Games.


Early Gamers

Winner: boop.
Recommended: Kites, Mantis
Nominated: Green Team Wins, Downtown Farmers Market

Casual Games

Winner: Turing Machine
Recommended: Next Station: London, Cat in the Box
Nominated: Long Shot: The Dice Game, Akropolis

Strategy Games

Winner: Planet Unknown
Recommended: Return to Dark Tower, The Guild of Merchant Explorers
Nominated: Three Sisters, Paperback Adventures

Complex Games

Winner: Carnegie
Recommended: Frosthaven, My Father's Work
Nominated: Ark Nova, Dead Reckoning

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