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Podcast #114: Our top games from Gen Con 2023 (guest: Ruel Gaviola)

Fresh from Gen Con 2023, we teamed up with content creator Ruel Gaviola to discuss our top board games from the massive show.

The 2023 edition of Gen Con, North America's largest board game convention, was the biggest yet -- breaking attendance records and our wallets so we could get the hottest games...to tell you about, of course! We asked American Tabletop Awards committee member, content creator, and general awesome gamer Ruel Gaviola to join us to discuss the show and to share our fave board games that we got to check out. 

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  • 4:28 - Gen Con impressions.
  • 13:21 - Ruel's game: Oh No, Volcano!
  • 17:45 - Shoe's game: Sky Team.
  • 21:16 - Christina's game: Bonsai.
  • 32:40 - Ruel's game: Tiger & Dragon.
  • 37:55 - Shoe's game: Time Division.
  • 42:02 - Christina's game: Forest Shuffle.
  • 46:53 - Ruel's game: Last Light.
  • 50:34 - Shoe's game: Inheritors.
  • 56:15 - Christina's game: Sea Salt & Paper.
  • 1:10:34 - Our runners-up: Open Season, District Noir, Trash Talk, 3 Second Try, Bohnanza: Dahlias, Undergrove.

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