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Podcast #117: Video vs board games, why we play co-ops when we don't like 'em (guest: Banzainator)

Digging into the streaming life of special guest Banzainator!

Prolific content creator and streamer Banzainator joins Christina and Shoe to talk what we love best: video and board games! What do we like better...and when? Also why do we keep going back to co-op games when...we think we don't really like them all that much? What types of games break through that barrier for us? Listen for fun times and behind-the-scenes on what it takes to be a serious streamer!


  • 3:38 - Banz's game pick: Mice & Mystics.
  • 10:15 - Going Analog's game pick: The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition (and the Vineyards Expansion).
  • 17:48 - Going Analog's topic: board games vs video games.
  • 29:32 - Banz's topic: co-op games, why we don't like them, why we still play them.

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