Going Analog

Where video game industry veterans introduce great board games to video gamers

Going Analog Podcast #9: Red Raven Games

Board games that would make great video games, the prettiest games around, making open-world games, and using our imagination.

Double the special guests, double the fun! Ryan and Malorie Laukat from Red Raven Games (Above and Below, Near and Far, Megaland) bring new topics to discuss with Shoe and Christina:

  1. Ryan wants to know what we expect out of open-world board games since he's designing one himself (but first, we ask him what “open-world board game” even means).
  2. Malorie talks about what sparks and drives imagination when you play a game.
  3. Christina wants to know (especially since Ryan’s a big video gamer) what board games should get licensed into video games -- and not just an app port.
  4. And since Ryan illustrates all his games beautifully, Shoe wants to know what games the group finds to be the most gorgeous in the biz.

Thank you for listening!

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