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Podcast #120: SolForge Fusion, digital to tabletop to digital (guests: Richard Garfield/Justin Gary)

Christina and Shoe were THRILLED with the revival of the SolForge mobile app game as the tabletop SolForge Fusion. Now it's going BACK to digital, so we take a closer look with the co-designers.

Ten years ago, your Going Analog hosts Christina and Shoe were obsessed with the digital collectible card game SolForge. Sadly, the daily (and nightly) sessions of lane-based combat mixed with a revolutionary upgradable-card system went away when the game eventually sunsetted (solsetted?). But, Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering, Android Netrunner) and Justin Gary (Ascension, Shards of Infinity) knew their co-design still had some...ahem, magic to it, so they revived it via Kickstarter as a tabletop experience, SolForge Fusion.

Now SolForge is full-circling its career by returning to its original format. This time, however, the new digital game will work with its physical counterpart on a truly ambitious new platform.

We chat with Richard and Justin about SolForge and SolForge Fusion's interesting journey, with its ups and downs and ups again -- and what fans can expect from the franchise moving forward. And don't forget to check out  the new Kickstarter campaign for the digital companion to SolForge Fusion. So excite!


  • 3:32 - Going Analog's game pick: Critter Kitchen.
  • 6:36Richard & Justin's pick: Dominion.
  • 13:01 - Richard & Justin & Going Analog's combo topic: SolForge's journey from digital to physical and back to digital.

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