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Podcast #123: Space bees! Plus small party games, "bad play" design (guest: Connie Vogelmann)

You had me at "space bees."

What's better than a bunch of adorable, flower-pollinating honeybees? Putting those honeybees in space! New worker-placement game Apiary  is the buzzworthy debut design of Connie Vogelmann. We invited her on the podcast to see how she went from playtester to a proud creator of a high-production game that's published by a big-time player (Stonemaier Games) and illustrated by one of the best in the biz (Kwanchai Moriya). We also chat about what responsibilities designers, publishers, game teachers, and players have in preventing "bad play" plus some recommendations for smaller-group (four to six players) party games.

As mentioned in this episode, we're giving away a copy of one of those small-group party games, Stool Pigeon, courtesy of Barrel Aged Games. To enter, just subscribe to our newsletter (look for the "subscribe" email field on the front page of our website). Don't worry -- we're too lazy to send out emails that often, so you'lll rarely hear from us! We'll pick out a winner at random by the end of 2023 then contact them by email. Valid only for Continental U.S. address only. Void where prohibited.


  • 3:33 - Going Analog's game pick: Apiary.
  • 19:06 - Connie's game pick: Life of the Amazonia.
  • 23:15 - Going Analog's topic: small-group party games.
  • 46:41 - Connie's topic: protecting against "bad play."

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