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Podcast #124: King of Tokyo vs. King of Monster Island, Tokaido vs. Duo, Kapow! vs. Dice Throne

Another "Versus Mode" where we pit board games against each other and pick winners.

New year, new(-ish) games! Christina and Shoe pit some newer board games against their predecessors or competitors: the new co-op King of Monster Island vs. the original free-for-all King of Tokyo, two-player Tokaido Duo vs. the original Tokaido, and head-to-head dice-chuckers Kapow! vs. Dice Throne. 


  • 1:39 - Shoe's game pick: The Fox Experiment.
  • 10:36 - Christina's game pick: Ancient Knowledge.
  • 17:56 - King of Tokyo vs. King of Monster Island.
  • 27:44 - Tokaido vs. Tokaido Duo.
  • 38:13 - Kapow! vs. Dice Throne.

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