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Podcast #127: Games we love (in genres we hate), what some games get right (guest: Peter C. Hayward)

Finding hope in those board games we'd normally never touch.

Though we fancy ourselves "omnigamers" -- gamers who enjoy all genres -- we're kind of fooling ourselves. There are certainly specific categories of board games we try to stay away from. But! With every "rule" (if you can call it that), there's gotta be exceptions, right? So we explore ours with Peter C. Hayward. The game designer (That Time You Killed Me, French Toast, Fiction) is very...discerning, so we couldn't wait to hear his thoughts on these matters.

Separately, we recently played a game of Istanbul with Peter, and he couldn't stop raving about how it got "quick turns" down just right. So that got us thinking...what other specific things do specific games get "just right"?

Plus: Play along with us on a round of Peter's new game, Apropos of Board Games!


  • 3:31 - Going Analog's game pick: Apropos of.
  • 12:06 - Peter's game pick: boop.
  • 14:56 - Going Analog's topic: Specific things that specific games get right.
  • 38:29 - Peter's topic: Games you like in genres you don't.

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