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Going Analog Podcast #10: 2018 Game of the Year Celebration

Part 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Beige.

The Going Analog crew (joined by a few of their board gaming friends) wraps up 2018 with their first annual Game of the Year Celebration. In part 1, we hand out individual awards to board games or companies who did things right...or wrong. See who (and what) won (and lost):

  • Best remake
  • Most disappointing sequel
  • ​Best/worst components
  • Best beige game (yeah, that's right: beige)
  • Worst retailer
  • Most stressful game
  • Best social experiment
  • Best artist
  • ...and a ton more

Thanks for listening, and make sure to join us for part 2 when we announce our overall games of the year.

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