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Podcast #129: Social deduction, "getting to know you" games (guest: 1 Minute Board Games)

We used these games to learn more about our friends.

We spend a lot of time with our friends playing board games, so we're bound to bond. But how well do we really know these people we've invited to our table?

We teamed up with our pals Raina and Phil from 1 Minute Board Games to take the next step in our gaming relationship: not just play "normal" board games (which we still do plenty of with them) but play ones designed to really dig down deep and get us talking about things that would normally not come up during sessions of Sea Salt & Paper. Listen in to see what we've learned about these experiences...and each other.

And on a very related note: social deduction! What's new and what are our faves in this class of games that have us lying to and manipulating each other?


  • 4:41 - Going Analog's game pick: Great Western Trail: New Zealand.
  • 11:52 - 1 Minute Board Game's pick: Dune: Imperium - Uprising.
  • 18:33 - Going Analog's topic: "Getting to know you" games.
  • 39:32 - 1 Minute Board Game's topic: Social-deduction games.

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