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Podcast #132: The best legacy games, exploring Christian themes (guest: designer Ken Franklin)

We discuss legacy games and the recent rise of Christian-themed board games with Ken Franklin, co-designer of the upcoming Flash Point: Legacy of Flame.

Legacy games can often light a classic franchise back on fire, as demonstrated by Flash Point: Legacy of Flame's successful Kickstarter (which you can still late-pledge for now).

We asked Legacy of Flame codesigner Ken Franklin (The Mansky Caper, Back to the Future: Dice Through Time, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising) to share some insight into how they turned the long-running co-op series into an evolving legacy experience. And while we're on the subject, what are other legacy games that we're fond of? And on a very unrelated topic, Ken educates us on the recent wave of gameplay-focused, Christianity-themed board games.


  • 3:53 - Going Analog's game pick: ArcheOlogic.
  • 10:03 Ken's game pick: Kingsburg.
  • 14:57 - Going Analog's topic: The development of Flash Point: Legacy of Flame, plus other legacy games we like.
  • 32:37 - Ken's topic: Christian themes in gaming.

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