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Podcast #32: Content creation in 2020, no negative reviews, Ravensburger (guest: Rob Manuel)

Plus, how to talk to talk to your non-gaming parents about good board games.

Rob Manuel was a content creator -- and then he wasn't. Except to create content for content creators. (Confused? If you haven't been following Rob's career like we have, of course you are. Check out his free newsletter Perfect Information, in which he hands out great tips for anyone who editorializes on board games.) So who better to invite to our show to talk about, well...you know.

Rob's former stints at G4 Media (working on video game shows like X-Play) and Geek and Sundry (home to popular gaming programs like Critical Role, TableTop, and How to Play) have given him great perspectives on what makes for good -- and great -- content. He joins our own Dan "Shoe" Hsu and Nick Suttner, two other veterans of video game media, plus our host Christina Ha. Their four topics:

  1. Christina: How to talk to your non-gaming family about all the cool board games they've never heard of
  2. Rob: How to be a successful content creator in 2020
  3. Shoe: Why aren't there any negative reviews of board games?
  4. Nick: Showing our appreciation for Ravensburger, publisher of The Castles of Burgundy, Puerto Rico, Carpe Diem, and more.

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Here's a full list of the games mentioned on the show:


  • Age of Steam

Christina's topic: How to talk to people about board games over the holidays

  • Monopoly
  • The Settlers of Catan
  • Agricola
  • Caverna
  • Risk
  • Small World
  • Kingdomino
  • Wind the Film
  • Broom Service
  • Hive Mind
  • Scattergories
  • Red Dragon Inn
  • Happy Salmon
  • King of Tokyo
  • Lost Cities
  • Hanabi
  • Codenames
  • Just One
  • Taboo
  • Love Letter
  • Ticket to Ride

Rob's topic: What it takes to be a successful board game content creator in 2020

  • Wingspan
  • Tapestry

Shoe's topic: Why isn't there more negative coverage or reviews in board game media?

  • Fog of Love
  • The Grizzled
  • Pandemic Legacy

Nick's topic: Ravensburger love

  • Journey Around the World
  • Labyrinth
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Heimlich & Co.
  • Flying Carpet
  • Scotland Yard
  • Disney Villainous
  • Puerto Rico
  • San Juan
  • The Castles of Burgundy
  • Carpe Diem
  • Bora Bora
  • Jaws
  • Troll