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Podcast #98: The BGG.CON 2022 Wrap-Up Show

We're only a week late this time!

BGG.CON in Dallas, Texas, is our idea of the best board-gaming summer camp ever. This year, Going Analog even had the pleasure of hosting two Board Game Quiz Shows -- a live pub-trivia version! (We'll be posting this quiz soon, so you can play at home.)

Christina and Shoe relive our BGG.Con highlights, including the Top 10 games panel with Our Family Plays Games, stand-up board game comedy with Grant Lyon, and some new standout games from the con. Sexy!


  • 1:47 - BGG.Con highlights, including our live Board Game Quiz Show!
  • 4:50 - Our Family Plays Games Top 10 games panel
  • 8:21 - Grant Lyon's board game standup
  • 12:09 - Exhibit Hall, Many Worlds Tavern
  • 13:59 - Gaming stories
  • 19:50 - BGG Top 5 games we played
  • 20:07 - Starship Captains
  • 27:13 - Lacrimosa
  • 31:40 - Tiletum
  • 36:40 - Atiwa
  • 42:28 - Splendor Duel

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