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The Board Game Quiz Show: Play-at-Home Edition

How well can YOU do?

Are you the know-it-all in your gaming group? Do you watch board game playthrough videos when you should be working your day job? Do you find yourself saying, "Actually...." quite often?

Do we have just the thing for you! In The Board Game Quiz Show, we test game designers, content creators, and other industry guests on their board game trivia knowledge. Normally, you can only watch and be impressed or embarrassed for our guests. But now you can play along and put some real cred behind those "Actuallys."

BoardGameGeek invited us to run a live Board Game Quiz Show at BGG.CON this past November. We would've shown you a video of the event, but Dan "Shoe" apparently forgot that mobile phones -- even while recording video -- go to sleep after a few minutes unless you tell them not to. So instead, we're just going to give you a modified and updated version of our presentation, so you can play at home at your own pace.

Just advance through the slides, answer the questions, and score yourself according to the instructions on the answer pages. When you're done, tell us how you did on the socials: FacebookTwitterInstagramThreads, or Bluesky.