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Podcast #118: Party time! Co-op vs. team party games (guest: Jacob Way/Friendly Skeleton)

You're tired of all those heavy and heady Euros? We talk party games with a Friendly Skeleton!

We've had so much fun with Friendly Skeleton's upcoming party game Trash Talk (check out our Gen Con recap episode with Tabletop Live Networks' Ruel Gaviola for our first impressions) that we wanted to dedicate a whole episode to other light-hearted fare that's great for gaming groups. Are you more of a co-op party gamer...or do you prefer to go at it in teams? We asked Jacob Way, Head Skeleton at Friendly Skeleton (formerly Deep Water Games), to join us to show us how to party (game)!


  • 5:50 - Going Analog's game pick: The White Castle.
  • 11:42 - Jacob's game pick: Tichu.
  • 16:04 - Going Analog's topic: Great co-op party games.
  • 41:30 - Jacob's topic: Great team-based party games.

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