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Gen Con 2019: A photo gallery

It's time we cleared out the pictures on our phones. Here's what we found.

OK, we promise this is it. We're done covering Gen Con -- you know, the giant board game convention from a month ago -- after this. We're simply clearing space on our phones and showing you our favorite photos from our time there.

Some of these you've seen if you follow us on social media. (You do follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, RIGHT?) But enough talk! You're here to see pictures, not to read words.

Big Potato Games re-created a small Blockbuster Video store for its booth to promote the Blockbuster party game. Target audience: old people (like us).

The Blockbuser booth had candy for sale, inflated for today's prices.

This writer's Game of the Show. And his way of doing a selfie without actually showing his face.

Minatures game Marvel: Crisis Protocol had amazing sets like this that no real-life gamer will ever own....

...then again, these are Star Wars: Legion sets that real-life gamers do own, as seen at Gen Con. So what do we know?

Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Legion

This deluxe version of Copenhagen comes with great acrylic pieces and a way-too-expensive-for-a-light-game price tag of $90.

A prototype for Hewn, which will probably be overly expensive, too, when it hits Kickstarter later. Just look at these detailed minis! (Some of which have moving parts to store other components.) 

Obscurio is a Mysterium-like game about solving mysteries via abstract clues and art that's not quite as good as Mysterium.

A prototype of Wonderland's War, a gorgeous bag-building game that's coming to Kickstarter later this year.

Dragoon: Wyvern Edition...which we're willing to bet you can't afford (neither can we). 

Board games based on video games has a good showing at Gen Con. Here: Wolfenstein...

...Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels...

...Metal Gear Solid...

...God of War...

...and a mess of goodies from Fallout and Skyrim.

Adventure Tactics is a couple of words (and a license) away from being Final Fantasy Tactics: The Board Game.

Dead Man's Cabal: another one of our Games of the Show

An extra-large prototype of Foundations of Rome, which was a Game of the Show runner-up for a couple of us. It's coming to Kickstarter later this year.

Car. James Bond's car.

Aftermath was one of the highlights at our favorite booth at Gen Con.

Our own Christina playing the highly silly, strangely tense Panda Ears at Panda Game Manufacturing's Gen Con party.

Our crew (Shoe, Christina, Jess, and Joe) didn't fare too well in the competition. There's gotta be some way we can cheat our way to the trophy....

A giant Ticket to Ride for demos.

A giant-sized Mental Blocks, which we talk more about here. Things can go from "this is impossible!" to "this is awesome!" pretty quickly with this game.

More cool stuff we can't afford.

Quirky games from Itten Games's booth

Plain dinosaur meeples ain't good enough for ya? Try these upgrades from BoardGameGeek.

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